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Session 5

*Sound Healing with Horses*
Partnering with Horses to Experience the
Power of Vibrational Sound & Light
for Multi-Dimensional Healing 


Juli Lynch, Ph.D., of EPALA.org

(originally MONDAY Oct 27th, 2014)

7:00-8:30 pm, US Mountain time

About This Session

In this experiential session, Juli Lynch, Ph.D founder of Epala® will guide you through a deep healing ritual of Tibetan sacred sound based on the Five Warrior Syllables.

Using voice sound vibration you will activate the potential within you to dissipate physical, emotional, energetic and mental disturbances that keep you from expansion and transformation toward your brilliance and divine purpose.  
Whether we work in the realm of emotion, the mind, energy or the physical with our EFL/EFC/EFP participants in our programs, we are inviting them, through being with horses, to find their choir of divine being – to speak their wholeness - to give voice to the deepest of their pain.

We ask those we work with in our EFL/EFC/EFP programs to be vulnerable in the presence of horses all the time. But, how vulnerable are we willing to be? How open are we to the space of feeling uncomfortable, out of our element, exposed? The true expression of Self is only possible when the monkey mind fades back and the choir of our divine being moves forward.

Within each of us are sacred sounds that hold our unique frequency signature. When creating these sacred sounds – our unique frequency signature is activated creating the potential for our brilliance and a re-alignment with our divine purpose.

Through the sacred sounds we can hear our wholeness, we can hear our pain, hear our clearing, hear our releasing and hear our return to a higher vibrational frequency.

Horses, who are highly attuned to vibrational energies, facilitate the process through their response and entrainment to the shifts in frequency. Their absence of agenda or ego in the process becomes an emotional, energetic and physical representation of the power of the process. The clearing and releasing that unfolds amongst all sentient beings offers a powerful shift of the collective and contributes to further healing of all that are present.  

In this session you will learn:

~ The Five Syllables that represent the body, speech, mind, emotion, Self and manifestations.

~ The use of light vibration with the sacred sounds to quiet monkey mind in order to activate energetic shifts.

~ How to incorporate sacred sound healing with your participants – no matter who they are (variations and beginner to advance work).

~ How the energy centers of the Chakras correspond to the sacred sounds.

~ How to add the use of singing bowls, chimes, flutes and other sound devices to your sessions.

~ How to introduce sacred sounds to your equine partner.

~ How to get past feeling intimidated by your limiting beliefs about allowing your voice to be heard.

Come discover how equine facilitated sound healing can be integrated into your work with horses and humans! 

Meet your Expert Equine Facilitator!

Juli Lynch, Ph.D.
of EPALA.org

Juli Lynch, Ph.D is founder of Epala®, an equine facilitated coaching and counseling organization that offers workshops, clinics and year-long apprenticeship program in the Epala Method™ for individuals interested in becoming an equine facilitated coach or equine facilitated counselor.

Juli spent 15 years as psychotherapist in traditional mental health setting. She left that world to start her own consulting business and for the last 15 years has worked as an executive coach, business consultant life coach and Master energy healing coach. In 2006 Juli became an Advanced Approved Eponaquest facilitator and from that experience created Epala® her signature equine facilitated coaching and counseling program.

Juli is also founder of Equine Facilitated Emotional Freedom™ an equine inspired eft and energy healing modality that incorporates energy healing work for humans in partnership with horses – who are master energy healers. Her work in this area has opened the door to a whole new level of understanding what horses have to offer humans.

She is a lifelong horsewoman – riding from an early age, showing as a top circuit competitor for almost 30 years as a Hunter/Jumper rider and Endurance rider. She and her husband now live far away from that world. They live and care for the Epala® herd in Northern Wisconsin where it is not unusual to see deer, eagle, hawk and bear alongside the Epala® herd in a harmony that honors the sacredness of the land and all creatures who reside there. Epala® workshops, clinics and apprenticeship programs take place in this amazing setting.

Juli is author of The Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship: How Your Personality Impacts Your Relationship with your Horse©. Her latest book, The Seven Aspects of Horse/Human Consciousness© will be available in 2015.

Connect with her at: www.epala.org.


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