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NEW! Spiritual Healing with Horse
*Tele-Teaching* Series

Session 1

*Keeping Your Healing Horses
Happy & Healthy*

Energy Clearing & Healing Techniques
that Benefit You and Your Horse


Heather Green of TealHealing.com

Oct 20th, 2014
7:00-8:30 pm, US Mountain time

About This Session

Our healing horses, along with being our best friends and teachers, are hard workers! They are noble in their steadfast commitment to providing amazing healing and transformation for our fellow humans.

We can return the loyalty and support them by using energy clearing and healing techniques that prevent burn out and bring balance on a body, mind, & spirit level.

In this session you will learn and practice:

~ How to do an internal check-in with yourself and your horse to be aware of and prevent empathic overload and burn out

~ Ways to clear energy that you pick up from your horse or your horse picks up from you and others

~ How to center, prepare the chakras, and open up to accessing the energies for healing

~ Ways to work with the nature spirit and deva of your animal to maintain or improve health, and promote harmonious relationships

~ How to employ energy healing techniques such as universal flow, sacred geometry, color, light, and more for the benefit of your horse!

Leave this session with wonderful new tools to help your horse thrive as a happy, healthy healer of humans! Plus, be able to play with these ideas to support yourself and your clients towards Wholeness & Happiness.

Meet your Expert Equine Facilitator!

Heather Green
of TealHealing.com

Heather Green, RN, MA, is a natural born intuitive, energy/sound healer & medium for humans, animals, and nature.

She uses her psychic senses to provide life guidance and healing on a body, mind & spirit level.


Heather has almost twenty years experience in the healing arts, including practice in nursing and counseling humans. 

She has published articles for Awareness Magazine and guest-lectured on several U.S. radio shows.

Her new book:
For the Love of Horses: An Animal Communicator's Guide to Helping Our Horses and Healing Our Lives
, is available on her website.

Please join her there: www.tealhealing.com.


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