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Do you ever wonder what you horse(s) natural healing gifts are?

Are you looking for ways to partner more successfully with your horse,
for healing and all areas of enjoyment?

Equine Astrology just might give you the solutions
you've been craving to take your
partnership to the next level!

*The Alchemy of Equine Astrology*
Exploring Your Equine Partner's Healing Gifts

Samantha Marshall

of Equine Astrology

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About This Call

Coming together with horses- as healing partners or life partners- is an ever-evolving unfoldment of discovering Who your Horse IS and How they MOST want to relate to you, others, and their environment for the greatest good of all.

It might be a new idea to you, but having your horse's Astrology Chart read can give you many insights into the underlying nature of your horse and how to best partner with them for awesome outcomes in ALL endeavors you pursue together!

Join this FREE call to learn more about how Equine Astrology may help you partner with your horse for an even more satisfying relationship and more effective healing work! An equine astrology chart clearly shows the mission, temperament, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and personal needs of the horse. All important to understand about your co-facilitator!

Together with Samantha Marshall
- astrologist and Equine Gestalt Coach- on this call we'll explore how an equine astrology chart can reveal insights & solutions for the following concerns:

~ What type of healing work does my horse prefer?

~ How does the horse's temperment affect how I should partner with my horse for healing humans?

~ What is my horse's mission in this lifetime and how does it fit with mine?

~ What does my horse need for support to be a happy healer?

~ What strengths and weaknesses does my horse have that I can work with to ensure the best outcome for all involved?

~ What areas of physical concern might influence his comfort, our relationship, and his healing work?

~ How does the compatibility of my own chart and my horse's chart effect our partnership?

You're invited to join us for INSIGHTS, NEW AWARENESS, SURPRISES & CONFERMATIONS that will take your partnership to the next level! Samantha has countless examples to share which will surprise you and demonstrate the benefits of this kind of information.


Meet your Expert Equine Facilitator!

Samantha Marshall

of Equine Astrology

Samantha Marshall is an astrologist and Equine Gestalt Coach.

More about Samantha:

Samantha’s lifelong love of horses and an insatiable curiosity and study of how we as human beings function led her receive certification in Melisa Pearce's internationally recognized Equine Gestalt Coaching Method TM.

Samantha has been working as a facilitator, counselor and coach in the area of personal development for 32+ years.

She was certified to teach the Silva Method of Mind Development  (SMCI) in 1979. She also achieved Doctor of Psycho-Orientology Certification from Jose Silva, a healing technique that predated and is similar to what is now called Reiki. She is qualified and instructs that as well. She has also completed a Certification course in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and incorporates these techniques in her coaching as well.

Today she teaches many different workshops on subjects including stress management, self-empowerment, relationships, communication, prosperity, children’s empowerment and meditation.

She is a world-class astrologer, practicing for over 35 years, and is author of the book “Understanding Children Through Astrology.”

Samantha is now integrating The Equine Gestalt Coaching MethodTM with astrological chart readings – giving the recipient another dimension to their experience. This is undoubtedly a new frontier with another level of depth and exploration. Can you imagine feeling the energies of your Astrological DNA then having a horse ground your strengths and show you new directions?

Please visit her websites for more information:

~ Equine Astrology: http://equineastrology.com

~ Equine Gestalt Coaching: http://equiserene.com

~ Astro-DNA™ at www.astro-dna.com

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